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Consulting services are targeted to large companies whose everyday business includes translating documents into a multitude of languages (e.g. fund companies, international groups of companies, supranational organizations etc.)

Ten years in the business of financial and legal translation as well as a good knowledge of the market (particularly in Poland and in Luxembourg) gave me an insight into methods and mechanisms of simultaneous preparation of documents in numerous language versions


No matter whether the client translates in-house, coordinates and subcontracts external translators/freelancers or uses services of translation agencies, there is usually plenty of room for optimization of the process leading to savings reaching even a few hundred thousand euro per year

Depending on specifics of applied processes and selected target solutions a company producing documents translated into many languages might realize savings of up to 50% of costs incurred so far

Conditions and required information

After agreeing on respective terms and conditions I will prepare and present translation cost optimization plans/suggestions while maintaining/improving quality and consistency of translated documents

Information I need to make analyses and prepare a comprehensive proposal:

  • number of language versions of documents produced by the client
  • description/type of translated documents
  • translation procedures in place (in-house translation department, coordinating and subcontracting external translators/freelancers, collaboration with a translation agency)
  • applied computer-assisted-translation (CAT) software, if any
  • implemented translation delivery and translation quality/consistency assurance processes
  • percentage of documents requiring to be certified/stamped by a sworn/certified translator

If interested do not hesitate to contact me.