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finance, banking, trade, business, management, investments, accounting, real estate, bookkeeping, insurance, computer and Internet technologies, marketing, advertising

Frequently translated documents

statutes, articles of association of funds and companies, prospectuses and annual and semi-annual reports of Luxembourg-based SICAV funds and other funds from different jurisdictions all over the world, Pre-IPOs, IPOs, SPOs, Terms of Reference for a number of public contracts, management accounting manuals of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), guidelines for application of the International Accounting Standards, judgments of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, financial statements, contracts, agreements, underwriting arrangements, structured products, audit reports, due diligence studies, procurement documentation, economic analyses, market research reports, feasibility studies, operating instructions, inspection protocols, minutes of meetings and general meetings, normative acts, certificates, EU legislation, court decisions, birth, marriage and death certificates, business correspondence, patent applications, strategies, résumés, curriculum vitae, cover letters, credit & loan applications and documentation, HTML pages, user manuals, insurance policies... and many others.