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Expert regular and sworn/certified financial & legal translations (English, French and Polish) (translations from French - only financial statements and fund documents)

Qualifications and expertise

Diploma in Translation awarded by the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London (areas: Business & Law) -- Extensive practical and field knowledge necessary to fully understand and convey the meaning of translated documents (Warsaw School of Economics, London Chamber of Commerce & Industry) -- 10-year translation and interpretation experience (my own business since 1999)


Reliable performance acknowledged by a long list of clients
(> References)

Personal service

I am the single point of contact; no doubt who is responsible for what, who accepted an assignment, who failed to transfer a message etc. (fixed line, mobile phone, Skype, SMS, GG, Tlen, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber)


Dedicated mail account under my own domain on my own server used exclusively for communication with clients and a controlled flow of documents


Very fast service (even more than 8000 words per day) while keeping an impeccable quality -- For large and urgent projects I am not able to handle myself (over 8000 words per day) I have a supporting team of experienced translators (experts in their field) to help me
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Every text is proofread by a native speaker (provided that its deadline is not too tight) -- Thanks to full verification and proofreading internal consistency of translated documents and their consistency with texts previously translated for a given client is always guaranteed

Terminology management

Internal consistency of translated documents thanks to application of specialist CAT and TM tools supporting translation processes -- Obligation to use a client-approved terminology -- When starting a collaboration I need a few client-approved documents (translations) in order to compile a database and/or glossary which is going to be developed during all further projects


(VAT) invoices issued for every project or for previously agreed periods